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Aminpro visited several mining companies in Peru

Aminpro is a multinational company. We have carried out projects in the 5 continents, involved in the design and optimization of plants, as well as performing metallurgical tests in our laboratories. Peru is a big mining country. 58% of their exports this year are mining products. Peru is the second world producer of copper and gold, and the third producer of tin, zinc, tellurium, bismu ...


Aminpro increased copper recovery in 8 percentage points

Aminpro performed column leaching tests for Antilla mining project, owned by Panoro Minerals. Antilla project considers leaching over 117 Mton of secondary copper sulfides. Previous tests carried out by the company showed copper recoveries of 72,5% in 200 days of processing. Aminpro engineers managed to obtain copper recoveries close to 80% in just 150 days of column leaching. The Preside ...

Visita Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech visited Aminpro

A delegation of 23 students from Virginia Tech, USA, visited Aminpro. The students were in Chile visiting several mining operations and similar companies. The visit to our facilities aimed to teach the students about the role that metallurgical laboratories and consulting companies play in the mining industry. During their visit, they were received by Roger Amelunxen, Director of Aminpro. The s ...


Aminpro presented at the XVII Peruvian Congress of Geology

Lima, Peru - Mr. Peter Amelunxen, President of Aminpro Peru, presented at the XVII Peruvian Geological Congress sponsored by the Geological Society of Peru. The conference was held from October 12 to 15, 2014 in Lima, Peru. Mr. Amelunxen's presentation took place in the special session devoted to geometallurgy. The title was "On the Cost and Value of Geometallurgy." More info at www.congresosgp ...


Aminpro presents Geometallurgy Workshop in the Diploma in Geometallurgy of the PUCP

Lima, Peru - Eng. Peter Amelunxen, President of Aminpro Peru, dictated the geometallurgy workshop as part of the Diploma in Geometallurgy of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). More than 30 participants from different mining companies, laboratories, and engineering and consulting companies participated in the workshop. The workshop was held on July 6, 2014 and was sponsored by the F ...