[su_box title=”The Contact Cell” box_color=”#898d77″]
A flotation unit that mixes and pressurizes mineralized slurries with air and releases the mixture in a column-like vessel. It is used for:

  • Flash flotation of Au/Ag
  • Coarse flotation (Phosphate Industry)
  • Oil-sand separation (Tar Sands)
  • Oil-water separation
  • Enhanced molibdenite recovery
  • High recoveries and concentrate grades


Other benefits compared to conventional flotation include:

  • Reduction in capital costs
  • Reduced floor space for same performance
  • Reduction in operating costs (Power)

[su_box title=”The Aminpro Contact Cell” box_color=”#898d77″]
In 2004 the Aminpro Contact Cell was launched to replace the classic contact cell. New features on this optomized version include:

    • Upgraded cell contactor to a hydraulic cavitation reactor
    • Anti-short-circuiting device in the separator
    • The new features are included in the Aminpro Contact Cells implemented at the Phelps Dodge – Bagdad concentrator in Arizona.