The Aminpro Add-In for Microsoft Excel

The Aminpro Add-in is a Microsoft Excel add-in that contains useful mineral processing formulae that can be referenced directly from your Excel spreadsheet just like any of the built in function that come with Excel.
For example, to return the screen aperture, in microns, of the #100 Tyler series seive, you simply type the following formula into a cell:


We use this handy tool every day, and thought that others could also benefit. So we decided to offer it free to the mineral processing community. The add-in will add spreadsheet functionality for over 40 common mineral processing functions including:

  • The Bond Equation and variants
  • Mill RPM and % of critical speed
  • Rosin-Rammler and Gates-Gaudin-Schuhman functions (plus variants)
  • Swebrec equation (traditional and Aminpro version)
  • Swebrec equation for degree of entrainment (Aminpro version)
  • Tyler and ASTM sieve series.
  • Several variants of the Plitt and Whiten equations for tromp curves
  • Two product formula for flotation recovery, mass recovery formula
  • First order rate equations, semi-batch and perfect mixers
  • Rate equations with and without froth recovery components
  • Chemical formula, molecular weight, and specific gravity for over 300 minerals
  • Percent of element E in mineral M (for mineralogical determination)

Many pumping equations including:

  • Pulp percent solids and variants
  • Liquids to solids ratio and variants
  • Water & slurry viscosities
  • Friction loss (Hazen-Williams)
  • Critical velocity

Click here to download a complete list of functions.

Download Aminpro Add-in here.

We agree to give you the Add-in for free. You agree not to hold us responsible for errors, omissions, or useage. You also agree not to redistribute it to third parties, or otherwise make the Add-in publicly available. You agree not to resell the Add-in.

We encourage the not-for-profit distribution of the Add-in, but request for security purposes that it be done by linking to this page. This enables us to ensure that the most up-to-date version is being used, and helps reduce virus threats.

Got a suggestion? Just send us a spreadsheet with an example of the calculation and we will consider it for our our next version of the Add-in.