A batch flotation test por  $50!

What is it?

The AirJET is a low cost laboratory flotation test that only requires between 200 and 400 grams of sample. The test is performed in a vertical tube with a pneumatic collection chamber at the bottom and a concentrate collection launder at the top. The test allows for rapid flotability characterization and has many uses outside of geometallurgy as well.


Process Optimization & Operational Control

A low cost flotation test is also attractive for plant operation. There are many other examples of potential applications:

  • Rapid, low-cost screening of reagent types and dosages, pH, and grind sizes. For example, if a difficult ore arrives at the plant in the morning, the metallurgical team can screen up to 24 alternate reagent and pH combinations simultaneously. With an XRF machine, the results might be available the same afternoon.
  • Operational control. For example, by simultaneously floating shift composite samples from the feed and tails of each flotation stage, a measure of the operational efficiency of each stage can be derived.
  • Augmentation of sampling campaigns. For example, by simultaneously floating samples from the key process streams, the operators will know exactly where the floatable and nonfloatable species are reporting in the process.