MiniBond training for customers in South Africa

Our R&D Engineer Specialist, Dr Diego Mesa, conducted an online training for our customer’s technical staff in Johannesburg, South Africa. The training, conducted remotely, included fundamental and practical aspects of the MiniBond Test.

Several clients have shown great interest in this new hardness test, designed by Aminpro for the development of geometallurgical campaigns, allowing the inclusion of the Bond Work Index in block models at lower cost and in less time than the standard Bond test. The current project included the purchase of the new MiniBond mill, technical training and remote analysis of results for calibration.

The following video presents the main features of this new test.


Aminpro’s engineers and operators under training

In Aminpro we believe in continuous development. Therefore, we are constantly training our personnel, in order to be in a position to offer the best service to our clients

The first week of november we received an official trainer from JKTech, who trained and certified our operators to carry out the JK Drop Weight test and the  SMC.

Our personnel has been trained and certified under the highest international standards for the correct completion of milling and crushing tests

This training does not only ensure the highest technical and safety standards, but also certifies that Aminpro operators have the same level of training than JKTech operators for the development of those tests.

Visita Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech visited Aminpro

A delegation of 23 students from Virginia Tech, USA, visited Aminpro. The students were in Chile visiting several mining operations and similar companies. The visit to our facilities aimed to teach the students about the role that metallurgical laboratories and consulting companies play in the mining industry.

During their visit, they were received by Roger Amelunxen, Director of Aminpro. The students were able to visit every corner of our laboratory, pilot plant and engineering rooms, where they could ask questions to our engineers and learn about our work.

The visit, part of the Rising Sophomore Abroad Program, allowed the students to have a close look at the different processes of sample preparation, milling and flotation, learn about the traceability within our laboratory and the utility of the experimental data for modelling and plant optimization.

Alex Carvajal, CEO of Aminpro, was glad about the success of this international visit and is excited about receiving more institutions, national and international.

“We are a research and development company, and as such, attracting young and talented students is a key challenge for the development and growth of our team. We hope to receive more and more students from different careers close to mining and metallurgy, so they can learn more about how their theoretical knowledge is applied every day in the industry”.

If your university or institution wants to visit Aminpro, contact us at info@aminpro.com