Virtual Access to Aminpro – Innovation during the Pandemic

At Aminpro we have always aimed to be an innovative company, with an open doors policy, looking to fulfil all the technical requirements of our clients, while meeting the most strict safety and quality standards.

We used to make ourselves proud to be always willing to open our doors to receive our clients, so they could oversee the development of their tests in-situ, and even offer them a physical workspace in our facilities for the whole duration of their project. However, the current pandemic forced us to stop this practice to maintain social distance and take care of the health of our clients, partners and workers.

That’s why we are proud to inaugurate a new and innovative service of Virtual Access to Aminpro! We have installed cameras with live streams that allow our clients to oversee their tests in real-time remotely, keeping instantaneous communication.

We have 6 high-resolution cameras (4K) with a 360 degrees field of view, which oversee the pilot plant and the metallurgical laboratory.

In Aminpro we are constantly checking our procedures and practices to incorporate innovative solutions that are useful for our clients. If you need more information about our services, please contact us.

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