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We offer a wide range of metallurgical and mineral processing tests. We have the capacity for running tests for 8 projects simultaneously

We perform all the standard tests of the mining industry. Also, we have developed our own tests, validated by our clients, looking for our innovation to be your profit and efficiency


We perform Crushing and Grinding tests, both at laboratory scale and in the pilot plant.

  • Ball mill work index test (Bond Wi tests)
  • SAG Grindabilty Index test (SGI), Starkey test, SPI®
  • SMC Test y JK drop weight tests
  • Low energy impact test (LEIT).
  • Bond abrasion test (Ai).
  • Bond Rod test
  • Sample preparation.
  • Crushing tests at a defined P80.
  • Particle size analysis.
  • Pilot Plant Crusher and Mill.

Leaching and Cyanidation

  • Bottle Leaching Tests.
  • Leaching Tests in Columns.
  • Iso-pH test.
  • Kinetics of extraction, Cu, Fe and impurities.
  • Acid consumption kinetics.
  • Cu balances by solids and solution.
  • Monitoring of electrochemical potential.
  • Permeability test.

Mineral concentration

  • Magnetic Concentration Tests.
  • Gravitational concentration tests using the Falcon concentrator.


  • Standard kinetic flotation tests.
  • SKT & FKT Kinetic flotation tests.
  • Column flotation tests.
  • Closed and Open Cycle tests.
  • Contact Cell flotation tests.
  • Reagent testing and optimization.
  • Pilot plant test, including mechanical and columnar flotation cells.

Settling and Thickening

  • Settling tests.
  • SedScan® tests.
  • Compaction tests.
  • Rheological curves.
  • Selection and optimization of flocculants and/or coagulants.
  • Thickening at laboratory and pilot scale.

Given our extensive experience, we know how to extract all the useful information from a sample.

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