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Aminpro begins a big iron ore geometallurgical project

A big iron ore mine from the north of Chile has hired Aminpro to carry out test work that will define the first geometallurgical model for iron ore in Chile.

The program considers over 7000 Davis tube tests, over 700 hardness tests such as Bond tests and SMC, and over 200 magnetic separation tests using a wet drum separator.

This project occurs amid the recent increase of the iron price, being nowadays around 170 USD/DMT, due to the projected high demand for steel by China for the next years. Moreover, projects like this bring opportunities not only for the iron ore mining industry but also for the exploitation of other elements and metals that tend to concentrate alongside iron ore, such as titanium, phosphorous and rare earth.

Aminpro has consolidated itself as an expert consultancy company in iron ore processing, adding to its vast experience in copper, molybdenum, gold, among other ores. If you need more information about our work, please contact us.

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Aminpro improves its Pilot Plant

At Aminpro we have a complete pilot plant for mineral processing, including crushing, milling, flotation and thickening operations.

Our flotation cells are modified square Denver cells, with capacities ranging from 80L for the rougher stage, to 5L to the cleaner.

During 2021, we have been modifying and improving our flotation cells in order to enhance our capacity to float coarse and heavy materials, such as iron ore. These improvements entail the modification of the overflowing system and some internal designs, in order to prevent solid settlement, thus obtaining a more efficient operation.

If you want to know more about our facilities, equipment and capabilities, just contact us.